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BeagleBoard - Crappy documentation and horrible update process

The most horribly documented/supported micro-controller? Possibly.

I had an entire process written up last month. I now have to re-write part of it because their web-updater just ceased to work. Seriously guys, get your crap together. No error, the button just doesn’t respond anymore in Firefox or Chrome. I’ve tried it on multiple PCs now with no luck.

I hate manual updating this guy. It sucks to do from Linux. Windows updating requires an additional 2 programs which I have absolutely no use for otherwise and lets not even get started on trying to get the USB drivers to install in Windows if you want to use the board from there.

We’ve now got 2 distributions, multiple ways to update (eMMC or SD? Web, imagining SD card, or from on the board itself) and I’ve yet to get one to work on the first try. Never a real reason, just something fails or the board locks or I randomly lose connection to it.

It amazes me that people put up with this crap simply because the hardware (when you can get it working) is decent for the price.


The Tea Party (band) on 89.7 Windsor!

I was just telling a good friend earlier this weekend that I was disappointed I hadn’t heard The Tea Party (the band, not the political group) on the radio since moving to Ann Arbor.

I assumed with my proximity to Canada, I would. I occasionally caught 89.7’s Canadian hour on Sunday nights and still had not heard them.

I spent a large portion of my teens listening to The Tea Party and trying to import their albums. I discovered them from a fellow gamer that hung in The True Lodge on Battle.Net.

This evening I went for a drive and heard The Tea Party. They are hosting an entire hour of the Sunday evening Canadian X-Ports show. I was so excited that I even came home and hooked up an antenna to my tuner. Still listening now.

This is an amazing way to finish a weekend! Thanks 89x! I’m hoping to hear “Heaven Coming Down”!


Lots of folks stopping by to visit the fairy door at the library today! We have printed maps that can guide you through all the fairy doors in town, too! 


My husband and I visited the fairy village yesterday. I love my city!
#annarbor #michigan #fairyvillage #whyistay

Curious how to get a Fairy door added to the map? All Hands Active on Liberty has one inside our building.

Someone has been creating new fairy furniture for the set I designed!

Oracle ListAgg within group functionality

Oracle impressed me again tonight. Often when I feel that someone must have needed to do ‘X’ before, I can find some uncommonly used feature in oracle that does ‘X’ for me.

I had a table which had an identifier, line number and a comments field. All the lines for a specific identifier grouped together represented comments for one item.

My first thought was to use listagg (sorry wm_cat you’ve been denied). Listagg lets you specify the delimiter. It seems many people I know are unaware of this functionality. I found a function in our codebase that wrapped list agg and ran replace on ‘,’ a week or so. I just shook my head.

Second neat thing about listagg is that you can use the within group functionality with it and specify a group (and order for that group)  before it aggregates. So in this case I want to order by line. So far we’ve got:

select listagg(comments, ’ ‘) within group (order by line) from sometable;

We can tack on a group by here and it will first group, then list agg across the smaller group (that uses a different column). AWESOME!

The resulting query looks like this:

select id, listagg(comments, ’ ‘) within group (order by line)

from sometable

group by id;

Nifty, eh?

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